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            Akhand Singh (you can find him at http://akhandsingh.com/about-the-blog/), an exceptional blogger  has nominated my blog for these Blogging Excellence Awards. I’m truly honored and deeply touched by this gesture of yours. Thank You!!!  It would definitely inspire me to continue writing and to express myself better.

Though relatively new to the world of blogging, the WordPress family has  welcomed me into their midst. Thank You All for motivating and equally supporting me.

Thank You Akhand ..you have made my day!!

As Akhand mentioned, there are a few rules that go along with the nomination, but if you are nominated and don’t wish to comply that is fine, you are under no obligation.

1) Display the awards certificate on your page.

2 )Announce your win with a post.

3 )Please link back to me as a “thank you for the nomination.

4 )”Present 15 awards to 15 deserving bloggers.

5 )Leave them a comment to let them know you have linked them to a post.

6 ) Post 7 interesting things about yourself.

Seven things about me you wouldn’t have known :

1 . A true LEO by nature.

2. Loves being around friends and family.

3. A day-dreamer.

4. Have an eye for beauty.

5. Love hot and spicy Indian food.

6. Not at all a Movie Buff.

7. Dentist by  profession.

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15 : Honestly a Liar : http://chasingshootingstars.wordpress.com/

Thats it from me …… good day !!!!!!!!




The numerous nights i yearned for your touch,
The times i went down to the dust,
a helping hand and someone to trust.
Many calls missed and frantic messages lay unseen.
I’ve been kept away by an invisible screen.
My fingers have calloused, 
pushing it away – i find it closing in.
The more i try, you run further away.
Don’t you know ??
Each step you take, you slash my heart’s wings.

Dear Friend………..


Run, run far away,
chasing the wind into the horizon;
painting your dreams in colors of wide array.
You may stumble or skip a step,
the odd rock may pull out a trick.
Rise, rise above yourself;
when circumstances pull u down,
go ahead make a place for yourself.
A name known in an ocean of unknown faces.
Love,love which is untainted,
it keeps the heart forever young.
Share it with all to get it propagated.
Stay,stay humble and wise,
these virtues does maketh a successful man.


How i wish to come back for you,
  kiss on the scars and set you free.
Allow me to lift you from darkness,
  I once cast upon thee.
Nothing was intentional,
  a mere puppet, under a spell,
I had turned out to be.
Forgiveness I demand, no , its an honest plea.
The coldness in your eyes , is cutting me deep,
  the same weary eyes I had led to weep.
Nothing of which I don’t deserve.
The blame game has ended,let the shame be upon me.
I could make this right, lend me a chance, 
 and that’s all I can ask.
Let me lead you to the window,and the sunlight,
 please don’t put up a fight!
Trust me once again, even if for a while.
Nothing less than happiness, 
 for you I harbor in my mind.
A changed man, I have, turned out to be….

Holding On….

by myself all along.
my soul a love song.
my hearts Broken pieces.
to your once broken promises.
a life with no more fences.
to listen to my minds defenses.
away the frightening  cold voice.
not to go wrong again on my choice.
my eyes of our dark past.
your words sanctity to last.
 finally – the season of love at long last……